Saturday, September 18, 2010

Working for the Dark Side

So I've finally succumbed and learned to knit. I don't really like it so much and it is SLOW (though I'm getting faster), but it is a technique I probably should have learned at some here's my first hat.

It is a bit big and a bit wonky with missing stitches, but it is a hat!

More to come.


Nina said...

Hi there -- Mel told me I should check your blog out, and this post almost made me laugh out loud, since I am a knitter that has just taught herself to crochet. (After quite a few really really wonky starts, I've got an afghan in process.)

May I suggest a new needle type? Knitting with metal needles will be loads faster than the bamboo ones you're using in the picture (I've got a lot of frustrated knitting experience with those Clover bamboos!). In my experience, minor needle changes can really change how enjoyable knitting can be!

Look forward to reading your blog, and it reminds me that I should be updating mine more often!

Brittany said...

I started off knitting. My first project ended up being a queen sized blanket. I had not yet learned the value of gauging. Hahaha.

I like crochet much better, its faster and I feel like it was easier to figure out, especially since I enjoy making 3d projects. :]

Congrats on the first knitted hat!