Monday, April 17, 2006

who is driving?


so we built a boat...

probably not the most seaworthy of vehicles, but it handles extinct volcano(e)s perfectly! to be fair, chris did the majority of the engineering, but i did the dragon head bit (anyone know what that is called?) and the sail. we all made it down sans injury. no blood = laaaaame.

Tell Me More Ron!

I think i could make a great studio audience member for a infomercial. Is ron popeil still around?

sophia lauren!

pretty girl. pretty hat. pretty pretty pretty.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

earflaps make me tired

everytime i make earflaps i think they look like crap. these ones don't seem to bother me so much now that i've seen a photo of them... still, when i look at the hat i think they look horrible and i want to take them out...

two tone fun

reminds me of tutoring gchem during third year & drawing all over my newbies because of supreme boredom

easter rabbit man

hey hey hey - it is good to be back!