Friday, October 27, 2006

Nice Leg(warmer)s

legwarmers made for sasha. need a photo of her in them...

this is a blurry photo of the hat that neil is wearing a few posts below in the polaroid. it is a normal hat, but i created a ribbed lip to fold up to make the thing extra warm. wish i had a better photo...


This is the fabled 'hat for cookies' hat. not so bad eh? deffo worth the cookies that i never got to eat...

Ribbed for your pleasure

you can't really see it very well in this photog, but this hat was ribbed by hooking DCs around the post (alternating front and back) rather than the stiches themselves.

you can see the ribbing better here:

Monday, October 23, 2006

Leaving the 'burgh

this was my last night in edinburgh. people got loads of free hats because i didn't want to pack them up... wish i had more photos of the hats, cuz there were many more than these 4.